CRYPTO‑BOX® Protection Kit 8.12: Visual Studio 2022

20 December 2021

The Professional Protection Kit (PPK) is the universal toolkit for your protection strategy with the CRYPTO-BOX.

A new PPK 8.12 release is available in our download section (MyMARX login and valid support contract are required for downloading).

PPK 8.12 contains the following updates:

  • Smarx Application Framework (SxAF):
    • Splash screen option was added to AutoCrypt SxAF
  • Smarx OS/CBIOS:
    • Updated Smarx OS/CBIOS libraries for different environments (cbios.lib, SmarxCPP.lib, Delphi .dcu, CBIOS4NET/Smarx4NET): Fixed problem in network mode in a function obtaining MAC-address which can lead to CBIOS_ERR_HANDSHAKE error
    • Libraries (cbios.lib, CBIOS4NET/Smarx4NET) were tested with Visual Studio 2022
    • SmarxCPP: updated header file (bugfixing)
    • Visual Basic samples for Smarx4NET and Smarx4NET Core added
    • CBIOS API reference documentation updated
  • SmarxAPI:
    • Libraries/samples tested with Visual Studio 2022

We appreciate your feedback and suggestions to the PPK. Please contact us or use our support ticket system.


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