Common Documents

Manuals and product information sheets

Smarx OS Compendium 2019

Manual for the CRYPTO-BOX System
The complete CRYPTO-BOX System Compendium for developers. Includes detailed description on how to install the CRYPTO-BOX Protection Kit, an introduction to AutoCrypt, how to start with API Implementation, Document- and Media Protection and much more.
CRYPTO-BOX Revision 2: Technical Data

Technical details about the CRYPTO-BOX hardware units (Rev.2, available since June 2014).
CRYPTO-BOX Rev. 2 Product Information Sheet

Technical data of the CRYPTO-BOX Revision 2
Short overview and technical details about the CRYPTO-BOX hardware units (Revision 2).
Compliance & Usage Notes

CRYPTO-BOX SC/XS/Versa: Compliance & Usage Notes
CRYPTO-BOX: Information regarding CE, RoHS, WEEE and common handling and usage notes.
Declaration of Conformity 2004/108/EG

CRYPTO-BOX declaration of conformity
EMC declaration for the CRYPTO-BOX SC / CRYPTO-BOX XS / CRYPTO-BOX Versa

CRYPTO-BOX Memory with additional flash drive
Overview and data sheet of the CRYPTO-BOX Memory which includes the CRYPTO-BOX electronic (100% compatible with CRYPTO-BOX SC model) and an 8GB USB 2.0 flash drive
Quick Start Guide

Quick Start Guide for the Smarx Professional Protection Kit
Installation Guide for the Professional Protection Kit (Smarx PPK) and overview about the enclosed components and features
MPI Compendium

Manual for the MPI system (discontinued)
Last version of the Compendium for the MARX Programming Interface (MPI). Support for MPI was discontinued in 2005, and its successor is Smarx OS.

White Papers

White papers and reference documents

TRX File

CRYPTO-BOX hardware profile
Trx-files provide a convenient way to configure the CRYPTO-BOX with the tools available in the Smarx OS Protection Kit (PPK).
Implementation with API

CRYPTO-BOX implementation with API into the source code
The implementation directly into the application source code using the Smarx API provides the most flexible way of integrating the CRYPTO-BOX. This White Paper describes how to get started with the API integration, where to find the required libraries and tools in our Protection Kit, and it gives you useful tips and references.
Smarx OS CBIOS API Reference

Basic API to access to the CRYPTO-BOX
This document describes the basic part of the CRYPTO-BOX API for developers: CBIOS API. It provides functions for identification and access to the internal memory and encryption functions of a CRYPTO-BOX connected either to the local USB port or in the network.
DO API Reference

Smarx OS DataObjects API for C/C++ and Delphi
The Smarx OS DataObjects API provides convenient access to various data objects stored in the CRYPTO-BOX memory partitions, e.g. expiration dates, usage counter, password, self-defined objects, etc.
RFP API Reference

Extended API for updating the CRYPTO-BOX
This document describes the Remote Update (RFP) API, an extended API which allows to update license information in the CRYPTO-BOX directly at the end-user side.
CBIOS4NET Developer's Guide

CBIOS4NET/Smarx4NET API Reference for C#.NET Developers
This document defines concept, implementation details and syntax of CBIOS4NET and Smarx4NET - an object oriented, component based API for .NET platform. It is targeted to C#.NET developers who want to implement strong hardware-based protection and licensing with the CRYPTO-BOX to .NET based applications.
Network Licensing

Software Licensing with the CRYPTO-BOX in Networks
Network licensing with the CRYPTO-BOX is ideal for cost-effective software licensing in (corporate) networks. The software vendor determines how often the application is allowed to run - with just one CRYPTO-BOX per network.
CRYPTO-BOX for Insiders

How to deal with hackers, cracking or memory dumps
This white paper provides suggestions, ideas and techniques for a secure integration of the CRYPTO-BOX into your software.
Smarx Cloud Security (WEB API) White Paper

Secure Authentication for Web-based Content
Smarx® Cloud Security (WEB API) ensures only authenticated users gain access to a web portal or any kind of content distributed via the Internet/Intranet.

Application Notes

Descriptions how to apply certain tasks with the CRYPTO-BOX system

MARX Analyzer

MARX Analyzer Diagnostic Tool
MARX Analyzer simplifies troubleshooting of MARX hardware and software products. A diagnostics report can be generated and sent to the vendor or directly to our technical support.
Driver Installation

End-user installation of the CRYPTO-BOX
This document describes the possibilities how to set up the CRYPTO-BOX drivers.

Automatic Software Protection
Tutorial on the automatic software protection solution AutoCrypt.

Remote Update Management System
This document describes how to update the CRYPTO-BOX directly at the end-user side with remote tools.
UEFI Secure Loader

UEFI Secure Loader - Pre-Boot Authentication
The UEFI Secure Loader allows to use the CRYPTO-BOX for authentication prior to Operating System start (Pre-Boot Authentication)
MPI to Smarx OS Conversion Kit

Converting the CRYPTO-BOX from MPI to Smarx OS
This document describes the conversion of the CRYPTO-BOX from the legacy MPI system to the new Smarx OS system.

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