Software Licensing with AutoCrypt SL

Software protection and license management for applications without programming efforts. The license will be bound to the computer and activated online. 24/7 online licensing and e-Commerce services provide you with a flexible license management for your software solutions.

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Protection with a Snap
The AutoCrypt SL wrapper quickly protects Windows applications - no source code or programming knowledge required.
Sell your Software 24/7
The SOLO Server online licensing solution contains e-Commerce services which allows customers to buy and activate your software around the clock.
Individual Licensing Options
Activate licenses online, transfer licenses, specify an evaluation period, set expiration options, or offer subscription services.

How Autocrypt sl and solo works

  • AutoCrypt SL automatically protects most 32/64 .exe/.dll files and

    .NET 32/64 .exe files under Windows 7 and later

  • An easy to use wizard guides you through the protection steps
  • Apply licensing functionality to your application
  • 24/7 online licensing with SOLO Server and optional e-Commerce

    services provide you with a flexible license management for your

    software solutions

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Evaluate AutoCrypt SL

Test AutoCrypt SL now and see how easy software licensing works. Including protection, evaluation mode and license activation. 


This Online Help guides you through all important steps of application protection and activation with  AutoCrypt SL and SOLO Server  


As an alternative to AutoCrypt SL, you may consider strong hardware based protection with the CRYPTO-BOX USB hardware keys:

  • Automatic protection for Windows
  • Manual implementation with all common IDEs under Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS and Android
  • Protect applications either on one computer or on multiple clients in a network - with just one hardware key
  • No internet connection and no activation required - just plug in the CRYPTO-BOX hardware key to the USB port of the computer to run the protected application
  • The CRYPTO-BOX hardware is based on EAL4+ certified Smart Card chips
  • Realize high security protection by taking advantage of hardware-based encryption with approved AES and RSA encryption standards
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