Introduction to AutoCrypt SL

AutoCrypt SL was developed by MARX in partnership with SoftwareKey. It can protect your software quickly and effortlessly, without writing a single line of code and without needing access to the source code. Your protected application will connect to Softwarekey's SOLO Server for automated online activation and validation.

View the ACSL overview video for a quick summary of how it works.

AutoCrypt SL Features

  • Wraps your existing application and adds a secure layer of protection.
  • Supports protection of Windows 32/64 bit executables and DLLs.
  • Supports protection of .NET executables.
  • Provides many licensing scenarios for creative distribution strategies, such as limited trial versions, permanent licenses or subscriptions.
  • Uses the central licensing server SOLO Server, which is available as a hosted service or it can be self-hosted. Using SOLO Server is required, and it is possible to activate offline machines through another computer that does have Internet access.
  • On request, ACSL can be customized according to your individual needs.


This manual was last updated Friday, July 8, 2019.

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