Test for 45 days without obligation

Test at your leisure and see for yourself the performance of the CRYPTO-BOX software protection system for Windows, macOS, Linux or Android. Effectively prevent infringements of software licensing agreements and establish a professional software licensing and distribution system.

Test without obligation*

for 45 days

Test ends automatically

No subscription or obligation to buy

Service and support

already in the test phase

How does it work?

Once we receive your request, we will contact you to coordinate your exact requirements. We will then send you a CRYPTO-BOX test module. This is a fully functional CRYPTO-BOX, so you can test all options, e. g. automatic protection with AutoCrypt for Windows, integration into source code via API for Windows, Linux and MacOS, or protection of digital media. The only difference is that the CRYPTO-BOX trial module has demo codes and keys and is therefore not suitable for production use.

The Evaluation Kit can be tested for 45 days. If you need more than 45 days: Just call us and we will extend your trial period. If you decide to use the system, simply order a Starter Kit or any number of the CRYPTO-BOX model of your choice - you may keep the test module.

If you have any questions or need support, we are happy to help you by phone, chat or email.

What happens if I do not want to use the product?

Should you come to the conclusion after the test phase that our product does not meet your expectations after all, simply return the CRYPTO-BOX test module to us.*

We are always grateful for improvement suggestions, for example with regard to software support or usability of our products.


* You only pay for the return shipping of the CRYPTO-BOX module if you do not want to keep the test kit.

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The CRYPTO-BOX® meets the following standards for electronic devices. Required and voluntary testing was performed and the CRYPTO-BOX particularly exceeded the test requirements.

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