FAQ - Cloud Security (WEB API)

Is Cloud Security a ready-to-use solution for user authentication for my web page?

Smarx Cloud Security requires implementation into existing web servers and some knowledge in programming PHP, Java or ASP.NET to keep it flexible and customizable to your individual requirements. 

MARX provides consulting and customized implementation. Please contact us.

Which client and server requisites does WEB API have? Do you have support for for mobile platforms like tablets and smartphones as well?

Server side:
Support for servers built either on PHP, JSP/Java, ASP.NET or WIF (Windows Identity Foundation) technology provides maximum compatibility to existing server structures.

Client side:
The WEB API client plugin supports Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera under Windows, as well as Firefox under Linux. Support for Max OS X and mobile platforms (Android, iOS – network mode) is in progress.

What are the requirements at the end-user (client) side to use Cloud Security? It has to be easy for my end-users. We cannot afford complicated set-ups.

The easiest way to install the client component is to use our WEB API client setup. It installs the CRYPTO-BOX drivers for Windows 32/64 and the WEB API client component, depending on the installed browser type (COM object for Internet Explorer or plug-in for Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Safari).

There are similar installation packages for Linux (.deb and .rpm packages) available for Firefox under Ubuntu and Fedora.

Since I have updated my Internet Explorer to version 11, WEB API does not work anymore!

With the recently released Internet Explorer 11, Microsoft has changed the browser detection. To ensure the correct functionality of WEB API with Internet Explorer 11, the server script needs to be changed. 

A detailed explanation can be found in our Smarx Cloud Security White Paper, chapter 5.11.3.

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