Support Options

Web based support

  • The product pages contain manuals and data sheets with details on the CRYPTO-BOX hardware.
  • The solution pages provide details on the software components for protection and license management.
  • The document section contains manuals, application notes and white papers with detailed descriptions and usage scenarios of CRYPTO-BOX software components.
  • The support ticket system is accessible to all customers with an active support contract and allows them to submit and check the status of support cases at any time.
  • The download section provides access to the most recent software components of the CRYPTO-BOX system. Furthermore, users with an active support contract will have access to updates for libraries, sample code and tools. 

Hint: For accessing the support ticket system and parts of the download area a MyMARX account is required.


Overview of Support Level Options

The MARX support program provides customers with cost-effective support options tailored to their individual needs. We will assist you starting from implementation of the CRYPTO-BOX into your individual protection scheme until installation and usage of the protected software on your end-user's side.

Below is an overview of the available support options and services.


  • Access to the latest developer tools and updates
  • Online support ticket system (12 tickets / year)


  • Access to the latest developer tools and updates
  • Access to the online support ticket system

Phone Support

Our support hotline is available for customers with Premium Support at the following numbers:

  • America: +1 770 904 0369
  • Europe and worldwide: +49 8403 9295-12

Normal business hours are Monday to Friday 9:00 – 18:00 (EST for America, CET for Europe)


Support Options

The following table contains a comparison of the services of the available support options. Economy support is included by default when buying CRYPTO-BOX units, business and premium support can be subscribed optionally. For customers with special terms separate support options may apply.

Options Premium Business Economy

Software updates for Redistributable Components (CRYPTO-BOX Drivers, Network Server, MARX Analyzer Diagnostic Tool, Cloud Security Client Setup, etc.).

Software updates for the Professional Protection Kit (PPK) incl. automatic protection (AutoCrypt), libraries, API sample codes, and CRYPTO-BOX configuration tools.


​Discounts for optional components: Remote Update (RUMS), Network License Control (LCS), Document and Media Protection, Cloud Security, etc.


Online Support Tickets



Email Support


Phone Support


Implementation support (assisted programming)


CRYPTO-BOX firmware updates (for remote update capable hardware).


CRYPTO-BOX customer specific programming or re-programming


Lifetime warranty for CRYPTO-BOX hardware during the period of the paid contract (*)


Lifetime warranty for CRYPTO-BOX hardware during the contract period


Immediate replacement of defective goods even before the claimed defective goods reach our facility; up to 2% of the total delivered quantity.


(*) Includes up to 3 hours of programming support (implementation support and/or customer specific development) during the contract period.
(**) Includes software updates and technical support via our online support ticket system for 45 days after initial purchase.
(***) Requires continous Premium Support from the date of purchase of the corresponding CRYPTO-BOX units, our terms of Business apply.
(*) Fee charged on a time basis, or fee-per-case.

(*) Our terms of Business apply



Economy Support Level

MARX Support Level 1

Economy Support Level

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