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Update licenses in the CRYPTO-BOX quickly with Remote Update

22 April 2024

The Remote Update Management System (RUMS) enables you to update license settings in the CRYPTO-BOX® quickly and easily at your end users side.

CRYPTO-BOX Protection Kit 8.19: Support for Delphi 12, Updates for .NET, AutoCrypt and SxAF

26 March 2024

The Professional Protection Kit (PPK) contains all tools for automatic protection and libraries/samples for implementing your software protection strategy with the CRYPTO-BOX.

TAA compliance: Crucial for Federal Contractors

18 January 2024

The Trade Agreements Act (19 U.S.C. & 2501-2581), most commonly referred to simply as the TAA, requires that U.S. government organizations only purchase finished goods that are "made or substantially transformed" in the United States or another TAA-compliant country. The country of origin of a TAA-compliant product is determined by the last substantial transformation made to the product before it is exported to the United States.

Update for the MARX Analyzer Diagnostic Tool

15 November 2023

MARX Analyzer is the ideal diagnostic tool for the maintenance and troubleshooting of the CRYPTO-BOX® software protection and license management hardware and software components. It gives you a detailed system diagnostics report within a few seconds.

CRYPTO‑BOX Protection Kit 8.17: AutoCrypt with .Net Core Support

10 September 2023

The Professional Protection Kit (PPK) is the universal toolkit for your protection strategy with the CRYPTO-BOX.

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