Software Protection - quick and easy


AutoCrypt provides protection of applications without any programming efforts. It wraps existing executable files with a secure layer of protection and encrypts and compresses it. AutoCrypt has many features for creative distribution strategies.

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Software Protection - quick and easy

Automatic software protection in just a few steps

  • Requires minimal effort. The application can be protected in just a few minutes.

  • Simple and versatile interface for fast integration and management.

  • Command line tools for fast batch processing and implementation into existing systems.

  • No source code or programming knowledge required.

  • Local PC as well as network support. Only one CRYPTO-BOX per network required.

  • Flexible licensing options such as expiration date, number of allowed program starts or network licenses can be defined easily.

  • The CRYPTO-BOX can be updated at any time via internet or email using the Remote Update Management System.

  • Supports and protects Windows applications (64 and 32bit executable's and DLLs, .NET Framework executable's and .NET Core applications.

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With AutoCrypt, protecting an application is fast, efficient and simple. It does not require programming skills or even the source code of the application.

The application will be compressed, encrypted and wrapped in a protective layer that prevents it from working unless a valid CRYPTO-BOX is attached.  

Many licensing options, such as Expiration Date, Execution Counters or Network Licenses can be defined with a few clicks. These licensing options can be updated later on the end user side using the Remote Update Management System (RUMS)


Software protection with AutoCrypt is easy

Only a few steps are required:

  1. Create a new AutoCrypt project. A project includes all information that is used for programming the CRYPTO-BOX with the protection and licensing options chosen by you.
  2. Add the application(s) to be protected and select your desired protection and licensing options, such as Expiration Date, Usage Counter or Network Licenses.
  3. Protect the application(s) - this is just one mouseclick.
  4. Attach the first CRYPTO-BOX and use the "Format" option to configure it with the AutoCrypt project settings you specified before. Repeat this step if you want to configure multiple CRYPTO-BOX units.
  5. Ship your protected application together with the CRYPTO-BOX and the necessary supplemental files (drivers, network server in case of network licensing) to your customers. MARX provides an easy-to-use redistributable setup for this.
  6. If required, the project settings can be exported to a XML file to use with the command line tools. This gives you the ability to automate the application protection and CRYPTO-BOX formatting process, and makes it easier to integrate them into existing licensing scenarios or customer management systems. 

Have a look at our AutoCrypt Application Notes for step-by-step instructions and detailed information on all protection and licensing options offered by AutoCrypt.


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