Online Authenticating

Cloud Security Toolkit

The Cloud Security tool kit furnishes web portals, online services, databases, or any other internet or intranet based application with a secure user identification - only users with a valid CRYPTO-BOX have access to the content.

Online Authenticating

Online Authentication with the CRYPTO-BOX

Cloud Security Toolkit
  • Smarx Cloud Security provides online authentication for many fields of application, inlcuding support only for paying customers, access to content only for authorized service personnel, and much more.

  • Ideal for subscriptions or premium services.

  • Remote activation and programming of software.

  • License upgrades with direct online payment.

  • Global sales 24/7 without borders and customs barriers.

  • 100% registered customers.

  • Client: Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Opera on Windows plus Firefox on Linux.

  • Server: platform independent - comes with full source code and documentation.

  • Traffic is encrypted with combination of software (Open SSL) 256 bit AES and hardware 128 bit AES.

  • Secure reading and writing of
    CRYPTO-BOX memory from remote.

  • Server built either on PHP, JSP/Java, ASP.NET or WIF (Windows Identity Foundation) technology - easy integration with existing solutions.

More information about Cloud Security Toolkit

Cloud Security Toolkit


With Smarx Cloud Security the manufacturers of web applications can create secure, hardware-based user authentication with the CRYPTO-BOX. The implementation works in all popular client-server environments. Smarx Cloud Security safely allows updates of the data in the dongle memory. Only the user with an appropriate CRYPTO-BOX can access secured web pages on the server. Additionally, the memory content of the dongle enables the user to determine how much access to grant for certain services within web applications.

Another component of the Smarx Cloud Security Toolkit is the Online License Management System (OLM). It enables automatic distribution of updates over the web with the help of update scripts.


Cloud Security is based on two main components:

  • CRYPTO-BOX on the client site (the user)
  • Web server of the software vendors (service providers)

To access the CRYPTO-BOX by the end-user, plugins are available for all major browsers. The plugin decrypts the requests generated on the server site, and then executes them in the web browser of the user. The result is also encrypted and sent back to the server. Upon successful authentication, the client is granted access to the website.

Test Smarx Cloud Security online

The CRYPTO-BOX Evaluation Kit is required for the test.
The latest WEB-API client package can be downloaded here

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