Is the CRYPTO-BOX Memory compatible with other CRYPTO-BOX models?

The CRYPTO-BOX Memory is in fact a combination of the CRYPTO-BOX SC with a USB 2.0 flash drive. Therefore it behaves exactly the same way as a standard CRYPTO-BOX SC, and is also backward compatible to the CRYPTO-BOX XS and Versa models.

How can I detect the CRYPTO-BOX Memory using the CBIOS API?

Currently it is not possible to identify the CRYPTO-BOX Memory using our CBIOS API or tools. It will behave just like a standard CRYPTO-BOX SC.
We are working on a solution to properly detect the CRYPTO-BOX Memory, it will be available soon.

In comparison to other models, the CRYPTO-BOX memory heats up more!

This is normal - it is caused by the additional hardware components.

Can I use the flash memory as secure container for licensing data and prevent access to it for end-users?

The additional flash memory does not extend the internal memory of the CRYPTO-BOX. It's just a separate flash drive and works independent from the CRYPTO-BOX part, access to it is not limited. But of course you can store licensing data encrypted on it, and decrypt them using the CRYPTO-BOX.

Can I boot an operating system from the flash drive of the CRYPTO-BOX Memory (for instance on a Thin Client)?

Yes, because the flash memory behaves like a standard flash drive.

What does the LED on the CRYPTO-BOX Memory indicate?

The LED indicates the function of the CRYPTO-BOX part only and is not associated to the function of the flash drive.

The CRYPTO-BOX memory will not be recognized when I include it in a tiered topology of multiple USB hubs. But a "standard" USB stick is recognized properly!

The CRYPTO-BOX Memory includes a two-port USB hub with the CRYPTO-BOX electronics and the flash controller behind it. This is necessary, because the CRYPTO-BOX chip itself does not support USB high speed access.
According to USB specifications, additional USB hubs may be branched into a tree structure with up to five tier levels. The CRYPTO-BOX Memory itself already uses one tier level. Therefore you have to take care that the total number of tier levels must not be exceeded.

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