FAQ - Remote Update Management System (RUMS)

The Remote Update functionality in the Smarx Application Framework (SxAF) does not work. The option “Generate Remote Update Utility” is grayed out, and with the command line tools I always get “Error: RUMS not licensed”!

The Remote Update functionality is available as an option. Please visit our shop or the RUMS page for more details and pricing.

Is there a more simple solution for updating the CRYPTO-BOX - without requiring any data (Transaction Key) from the customer first?

The SxFormat.exe command line tool allows you to create a small tool which performs an update of the CRYPTO-BOX when started on the end-user's computer. More details can be found in the RUMS Application Notes, chapter 4.

With RUMS and RU_Tool, the Activation Code can be executed only on the CRYPTO-BOX which was used to issue the Transaction Key before. When using SxFormat, by default you have no control on which CRYPTO-BOX it might be executed.
Therefore we strongly recommend that you consider using check conditions before updating the CRYPTO-BOX to prevent misuse (otherwise customers may use SxFormat to update multiple CRYPTO-BOXes). This can be defined in the XML file for SmrxProg using the extended script format. See SmrxProg readme file, Appendix A for further information.


I checked the Protection Kit and obviously the Remote Update API is not available for my compiler/IDE!

The Remote Update API allows deep integration of the Remote Update procedure for the CRYPTO-BOX into the source code with maximum flexibility. Please check the document "Implementation with API" if the Remote Update API is available for your compiler/IDE.

If not, then there are still other ways of processing Remote Updates for CRYPTO-BOX units at the end-user site. We recommend to use the command line tool RU_Tool.exe (see RUMS Application Notes und RU_Tool readme file for details). RU_Tool as well as the RUpdate utility (for the end-user site) can be controlled within other applications and therefore allow an automation of the update process.

If this is not enough, and you need a library for other compilers or platforms, please contact us.

When using the command line tools (RU_Tool.exe or SmrxProg.exe) to generate the Remote Update Utility or SxFormat.exe, I always get an error message “Error: Decryption of 'C:\...\CBU-xxxxx.trx' failed - your CRYPTO-BOX(R) firmware 2.2 or higher should be attached”!

To generate these tools it is necessary to attach a CRYPTO-BOX to the computer which matches to the
specified TRX-file.

I'm using the RUMS option in SxAF for updating CRYPTO-BOX units remotely. Now I need to write additional data (partitions and data objects) to the CRYPTO-BOX units of my end-users. But RUMS only allows to update existing partitions! How can I add new data?

Please use the command line based RU_Tool.exe in that case. A detailed description can be found in the "RUMS Application Notes", chapter 3.

My end-users get an error code when trying to execute the Activation Code (.ruac file) with the RUpdate tool. But this error is not specified in RU_Tool readme file!

Most probably this error code is related to the DataObject you want to update in the CRYPTO-BOX. Please refer to error code description for the DataObjects (DO) API in teosdo.h (see [PPK root]\SmarxOS\API\Win\SDK\MSVC\Include) for further details.

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