.NET Core Support for the CRYPTO-BOX®

18 May 2020

.NET Core is a free and open-source framework from Microsoft for cross-platform development.

Compared to it's predecessor - the .NET framework for Windows - it has several advantages:

  • Improved performance trough optimizations made by Microsoft to runtime and foundational class libraries (CoreCLR and CoreFX)
  • Cross-platform support: Windows, Linux and macOS
  • Support for self contained deployment: the .NET Core runtime can be deployed together with the application. This allows to use multiple .NET Core runtimes in parallel and does not require to test each .NET application for compatibility with the latest runtime (as with the classic .NET framework)
  • ...and more

The Smarx4NetCore Package for the CRYPTO-BOX is available in our download area. An active support level option and MyMARX login are required for the download. The package contains required libraries and sample code. Refer to the included readme for further details.

Download Area

For an introduction to the Smarx4NET API see the CBIOS4NET Developer's Guide which is available in our Documents section.


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