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Remote Update: Updating the CRYPTO-BOX at the end-user site

31 July 2012

Updated Application Notes for RUMS (Remote Update Management System) available in the Document Section

Updated MAC OS Components

10 July 2012

New libraries for implementation of the CRYPTO-BOX in MAC OS are available.

Guidelines for automatically protecting with AutoCrypt

5 July 2012

An updated AutoCrypt application note is available in our support section.

DataObject type Expiration Date and Time

20 June 2012

The latest CRYPTO-BOX Protection Kit 5.74 with the new DataObject type "expiration date and time", offers significanly more accurate possiblities in licensing management than the previous expiration features.

Smarx Cloud Security 3.5

24 May 2012

Smarx Cloud Security (WEB API) ensures only authenticated users gain access to your web portal or any kind of content distributed via the Internet/Intranet.

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