CRYPTO-BOX Linux Package: Ada Sample, User-Friendly SmarxAPI Samples

18 February 2020

A new Smarx OS 4 Linux package for the CRYPTO-BOX® is available in our download area. An active support level option and MyMARX login are required for the download.

Ada Sample

Ada is a high-level programming language. It's original development in the 1970s was sponsored by the U.S. Department of Defense. Today, software written in Ada forms the backbone of not only military hardware, but also commercial projects like avionics and air-traffic control systems.

The sample requires the GNAT Ada compiler (part of GCC). It demonstrates basic CYPTO-BOX calls, such as reading the serialnumber and accessing the internal memory). Please contact us if you have any questions on Ada support, or if you are interested in more advanced sample code (such as working with the extended encryption functions of the CRYPTO-BOX SC).

SmarxAPI Samples

Smarx API provides easy, yet flexible implementation of software licensing:

  • The AC API/SmarxAPI samples demonstrate software licensing by implementing just one function call into the source code of your application.
  • The SmarxCbiosCppSample offers an Object Oriented Implementation for C++ (Visual Studio) developers under Linux with more functionality than the AC API/SmarxAPI.

Updates in SmarxOS4Linux 1.20.0217:

  • Updated Ada sample: Issue with datatypes was fixed, see: /api/samples/CBIOS/ADA
  • Updated SmarxCbiosCpp sample: Revised sample code and completely revised description which makes it easier for developers to get started with API implementation. Refer to the readme file in: /api/samples/SmarxApi/ for more details.

Please contact us if you have any question regarding this package: contact us or use our support ticket system.


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