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CRYPTO-BOX Protection Kit 8.0 with AutoCrypt Wizard

11 September 2016

An updated Professional Protection Kit (PPK) for the CRYPTO-BOX is available in our download section (MyMARX login and a valid support contract are required for downloading).

This is new:

  • AutoCrypt Wizard: The easiest way to protect Windows .EXE or DLL files! The Wizard guides you through each step of protection, licensing, CRYPTO-BOX configuration and Remote Update (optionally) for quick results.
  • Updated CBIOS4NET libraries for C# developers with support for encrypted memory objects (TEOSDO_CDO_MEMORY). See Compendium, chapter 13.2 for details.
  • Linux package: Updates for CBIOS libraries, Network Server and AutoCrypt

We appreciate your feedback and suggestions to the revised PPK. Please contact us with the Support Ticket System. We will be happy to address your customer specific requirements.


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