CRYPTO‑BOX Server: Stability and Installer Update

26 June 2019

With only one CRYPTO-BOX® per network you can encrypt and protect your application and determine how often your protected application is permitted to run in the entire network.

The CBIOS Server makes your software licensing solution fit when used in LAN or WLAN environment. And using only one CRYPTO-BOX per network is cost effective and looks good on your balance sheet.

A new CBIOS Server version is available in our download area. It is available for Windows, Linux and macOS platforms.

This is new:

  • Better stability related to key generation operations which sometimes lead to memory error.
  • Windows version: Installaton with msiexec in silent mode now performs repair/reinstall instead of uninstall at second call to prevent unwanted deinstallation of the server

We will gladly answer your questions on CBIOS Server installation and compatibility: contact us or use our support ticket system.


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