CRYPTO-BOX® Mac Package with Stability Updates and M1 Support for Java

6 July 2021

A new Smarx®OS 4 Mac package is available in our download area. An active support level option and MyMARX login are required for the download.

The Smarx®OS 4 Mac package V2.47 includes:

  • New CBIOS/Smarx API libraries: libcbios static+Framework, libSmarxCPP.a, librfp.a)::
    • Improved stability and performance
    • Latest CBIOS Updates
    • libjnicbios: M1 support for Java (OpenJDK)
    • M1 support for librfp.a
  • CBIOS Network Server with CBIOS updates and performance improvements.

Quick implementation with Smarx API:

  • The SmarxAcCocoa/SmarxAcCpp samples demonstrate software licensing by implementing just one function call into the source code of your application.
  • The SmarxCbiosCppSample offers an Object Oriented Implementation for C++ (Visual Studio) developers under macOS with more functionality than the SmarxAc samples.
  • Please refer to the readme file in: /api/samples/SmarxApi/ for more details on SmarxAPI based samples
  • We created a comprehensive SmarxCpp API reference document for developers. It contains an overview of SmarxCpp interfaces and classes, and can be downloaded from the "Documents" area on our webpage.

Please contact us if you have any question regarding this package or API implementation for the CRYPTO-BOX in general.


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