About MARX®

About the company

MARX® has provided the software industry with powerful and innovative security products since 1983. Revenue and volume have grown steadily since the company's inception. Today MARX has an expanding base of thousands of clients worldwide.

The client base includes a wide variety of Fortune 500 companies, software developers, and government agencies. Support and customized developments are considered of crucial importance in order to establish long lasting relationships with the customers.

Offices and representatives are located in USA, Germany and other European countries. In addition to its global expansion, MARX is a joint venture partner with security product manufacturers for future strategic alliances to continue to serve the IT security industry.

A Statement of the Founder and Owner

 "Licensing and Security are critical for Success.

 Do you want to do business with "Anonymous" with an unknown address and location? Perhaps offshore, in China or elsewhere?

 Software Security in most cases is a long-term commitment - for both parties. This does not work if the company in charge can only be found 'in cyberspace'! Did you know there are legal requirements for all contractual bound subcontractors - Including government orders and HIPAA related projects, among many others? If you cannot even name their location, let alone the people behind them (perhaps in TAA excluded countries) you can be sued and jeopardize your very own company. Serious 'red flags' are the missing published postal address of any company, the 'about' information, and in Europe & Germany the missing 'Impressum' (which is illegal there).  Please give these facts strong consideration."

U.S.A., Canada, South America


EUROPE and Worldwide

MARX® CryptoTech LP
489 South Hill Street 
Buford, GA 30518 U.S.A.
Phone: (+1) 770 904 0369  
  MARX® Software Security GmbH
Vohburger Strasse 68
D-85104 Wackerstein
Phone: +49 (0)8403-9295-0  

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