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CRYPTO-BOX® Protection Kit 8.3 with Improved Smarx® API

7 March 2017

An updated Professional Protection Kit (PPK) for the CRYPTO-BOX was released.

It can be found in our download section (MyMARX login and valid support contract are required for downloading).

This is new:

  • Smarx API: improved architecture and support for exceptions, revised sample code.
  • AutoCrypt Wizard: Now handles individual file names for the protected application.
  • Visual Studio 2017: Existing libraries, components and sample code for VS2015 were tested with the Microsoft Visual Studio Professional 2017 Release Candidate Version 15.0.26206.0 D15REL and .NET Framework Version 4.6.01586 - everything worked superbly. Hints for VS2017 developers were added to the readme files.
  • MARX Analyzer: WEB API 6.0 diagnostic was added.
  • PPK Control Center: "Implementation with API" section was revised to make it easier for beginners to navigate.

We appreciate your feedback and suggestions to the revised PPK. Please contact us with the Support Ticket System. We will be happy to address your customer specific requirements.


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