Linux Package with Smarx®License Support

11 June 2021

A new Smarx®OS 4 Linux package for the CRYPTO-BOX® is available in our download area. An active support level option and MyMARX login are required for the download.

Updates in SmarxOS4Linux 1.21.0602:

  • Updated SmrxProg tool for programming/configuring the CRYPTO-BOX under Linux platforms:
    • Support for recent Linux distros: .deb and .rpm packages for x86_64 and armv7, e.g. Raspberry Pi OS
    • SmarxLicense script generation for SmarxAPI samples added
    • Extended Script Format supported
    Libraries and API samples:
    • Libraries (libcbios and libSmarxCPP) with latest CBIOS updates and several fixes
    • Sample build scripts corrected for compatibility with recent gcc versions (gcc 7.0 and up)
  • CBIOS Network Server for Linux:
    • Allows to limit the number of requests per client, for instance to prevent Denial-of-Service Attacks (DDoS), or to protect the server against client malfunctions
    • udev rules for CRYPTO-BOX access now will be set automatically during server package installation

Refer to the corresponding readme files for more details.

Please contact us if you have any question regarding this package.


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