New AutoCrypt Application Notes

10 November 2016

AutoCrypt adds protection and license management to your Windows .EXE or DLL files - quick and easy. No source code or programming is required. Our completely revised AutoCrypt Application Notes contain step-by-step instructions and explain all license management options in detail.

The new AutoCrypt Application Notes are available in our download area.

Additional and updated features:

  • Overview on all avaliable AutoCrypt variants (AutoCrypt Wizard, AutoCrypt SxAF and AutoCrypt command line)
  • Detailed description of the new AutoCrypt Wizard

Hint: Use the bookmarks panel of your PDF reader for easy navigation.

Do you have any questions on AutoCrypt about supported applications types, or do you need assistance with a certain task? We are glad to help you - please contact us: or use our support ticket system.



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