New White Paper for API Implementation

1 February 2017

Are you going to implement the CRYPTO-BOX® with API? Do you plan to revise your existing implementation or would like to switch to a new compiler version?

Then have a look at our new high-level API: Smarx API. It exposes a very simple and user friendly programming interface to developers. This significantly reduces implementation efforts as well as chances of bugs and logical errors during implementation. At the same time, it provides developers with more flexibility on protection and licensing logic compared to the AutoCrypt based approach.

We invite you to check out our completely revised White Paper "Implementation with API". It is a good starting platform for developers who wish to implement software licensing with the CRYPTO-BOX into the source code of their application. The updated White Paper also covers our latest interfaces: the high-level Smarx API and SmarxCpp (object oriented interface for C++ developers).

Please contact us for any questions or feedback on CRYPTO-BOX implementation: Use our support ticket system or the contact form.



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