Smarx Cloud Security: New Sample Code and Documentation

2 August 2017

Smarx Cloud Security (WEB API) ensures that only authenticated users will be able to access your web portal and online distribution. It supports the most recent versions of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera. Find out more details on how to protect content distributed via Internet/Intranet on our Cloud Security product page

WEB API 6: Now with Multi-Platform and Multi-Browser Support
The new WEB API version 6 supports all common client systems and browsers on computers as well as mobile devices (tablets, smartphones). The only prerequisite is that the WEB API client is installed on one computer or server in the network. A separate plug-in (as with WEB API 5 or older) is not required anymore.

New Online Samples and revised Documentation
For the integration into your web applications, MARX provides sample code for the server side under PHP, ASP.NET and Java/JSP. This code was completely revised and now demonstrates typical licensing scenarios, such as time limitation (ideal for subscriptions), or license binding to the client. For a description of the functions and links to the online samples for all supported server platforms refer to the new Smarx Cloud Security White Paper.

The WEB API client setup can be found in our download area. Have a look at the included readme file for installation options (including quiet mode installation for integration into 3rd party setups).
Please request the updated server code via our Support Ticket System or the contact form. It is free for all customers who already purchased the Cloud Security Toolkit and who have a valid support contract.

New to Smarx Cloud Security? 
A detailed description can be found in our Smarx Cloud Security White Paper.

Discuss your questions and requirements with us: Use our callback service.


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