The CRYPTO‑BOX® and Virtual Environments? That's easy!

15 May 2019

The CRYPTO-BOX provides a strong hardware based software licensing. Particularly in virtualized environments your end-users are often faced with the issue that there is no direct access to the USB port of the target system.

There is an easy solution: the USB Device Server. This unit provides an USB port via network which allows the use of the CRYPTO-BOX on every virtual computer - just like when it is directly connected to a local USB port.

The only requirement is for the USB Device Server to be connected to a free LAN port. The configuration process is accomplished with an application installed on the targeted system, which locates the USB Device Server and manages access to the CRYPTO-BOX, including virtually attaching/detaching. Multiple (virtual) computers can easily access the USB Device Server, including the attached USB devices. Only one user permitted to access the USB device simultaneously, which effectively prevents any misuse of the software licenses. Using the CRYPTO-BOX in network mode is also supported.

The following USB Device Server products from SEH* were successfully tested with the CRYPTO‑BOX:

  • myUTN-80
  • myUTN-800
  • myUTN50a

Detailed information and list of distributors can be found on the SEH web page.

Please contact us if you have any further questions on using the CRYPTO-BOX in virtual environments.

* MARX® does not endorse any product or service of other companies, and declines any responsibility regarding third parties, subcontractors and manufacturers thereof.


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