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Flexible licensing in networks

LCS - License Control System

  • Complete control over licenses in a network.

  • Access to licensing information stored in the CRYPTO-BOX within all connected clients: PCs, Notebooks, Smartphones, and Tablets.

  • Client support for Windows, Linux, OS X, iOS and Android (support for Windows RT and Windows Phone will be available soon).

  • Suitable for licensing in server-based computing environments (Microsoft, VMWare, Citrix, etc.).

  • Cost-effective: multiple license counters can be defined to protect several applications with one CRYPTO-BOX.

  • Fast and easy installation of the CRYPTO-BOX network server with the redistributable setup.

  • Integrated tool to monitor and check the status of connected clients.

  • The Network Server is available for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X systems, including server versions.

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More information about LCS - License Control System

CRYPTO-BOX Network Server

The CRYPTO-BOX has an internal license counter. This counter is programmable with LCS and can be set to a fixed value. This value determines how often an application is allowed to run simultaneously on computers in the network - with only one CRYPTO-BOX per network!

To operate in the network, the network server (latest version is available in our Download area)  must be launched on a computer in the network where the dongle is attached. Sample code which demonstrates how to query the CRYPTO-BOX in a network is available in the Protection Kit.

The network server allows access to the dongle only if the number of running protected applications on the network does not exceed the value of the license counter.

For administrators the network server provides a convenient tool to monitor the LAN-status, the attached CRYPTO-BOX units and the number of clients logged in.

License Control System to configure maximum number of users

LCS is available for most CRYPTO-BOX models (except CRYPTO-BOX Versa). In a  network the dongle can be configured with a user limit between 0 and 254. The value 255 is reserved for unlimited use. The programming of the network license counter is done either with the Smarx OS Application Framework or the command line tool 'SmrxProg' (both are included in the Professional Protection Kit).

The Remote Update Management System (RUMS) allows the programming of the license counter directly by the end user, providing subsequent transactions through the sale of additional licenses for the software distributor.


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