Updated CRYPTO-BOX Compendium

21 September 2016

The Smarx Compendium contains detailed documentation of all components of the CRYPTO-BOX Protection Kit. A revised version (Compendium 2016) is available in our download area.

The following sections were updated:

  • Implementation with API introduction for developers completely revised and improved (chapter 10)
  • New: Overview on avaliable Smarx OS libraries in chapter 10
  • New: Smarx API description in chapter 11
  • Protection Kit installation instructions updated (chapter 3)
  • AutoCrypt: Detailed description moved to the AutoCrypt Application Notes
  • Many small updates

Hint: Use the bookmarks pane of your PDF reader for easy navigation.

We are glad to help you with any questions to the CRYPTO-BOX system or getting your feedback to the Compendium. Please contact us: [email protected] or use our support ticket system.


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