Windows ARM support for the CRYPTO-BOX

14 February 2022

Just use your existing Windows applications which are protected with the CRYPTO-BOX® on Windows ARM - no efforts for adjustments/recompilation are required.

This is interesting especially for recent Macs with Apple's CPU: By using the Parallels Desktop virtualization solution you can run your protected Windows application on these platforms. There is no need to recompile your application which saves a lot of time and efforts!

The only thing you have to do it to install the CRYPTO-BOX® ARM drivers (the same as you would do for Windows on PCs). The easiest way to ensure that the drivers are installed correctly is using "CBUSetup", our automatic driver setup for the CRYPTO-BOX. The latest CBUSetup with support for Windows ARM is available in our download area.

Important hints:

  • Please refer to the "Windows ARM-based PCs FAQ" from Microsoft for further details on application compatibility. To run existing Windows 32bit applications you will need Windows 10 ARM Build 21277 or higher, for 64bit applications you will need Windows 11 ARM.
  • To run Windows applications on Apple Silicon based Macs, you will need Parallels Desktop (Version 17.1, older versions are not supported) in combination with Windows 11 ARM.
  • Regardless of the installation of the ARM driver, access to a CRYPTO-BOX in the network from within Windows 11 ARM is also possible, as long as the protected application supports the network mode.
  • If the CRYPTO-BOX is not detected under Windows ARM, you can use MARX Analyzer for troubleshooting. It gives you a detailed diagnostics report on CRYPTO-BOX hardware and software components within a few seconds. Please refer to our FAQ section for usage instructions.

Please contact us if you have any question regarding ARM support or API implementation for the CRYPTO-BOX in general.


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