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macOS Update for the CRYPTO-BOX, Your Vote on .NET Support for Mac and Linux

29 November 2016

Are you interested in software protection and license management with the CRYPTO-BOX® under macOS? If you answered yes, check out this newsletter!

New AutoCrypt Application Notes

10 November 2016

AutoCrypt adds protection and license management to your Windows .EXE or DLL files - quick and easy. No source code or programming is required. Our completely revised AutoCrypt Application Notes contain step-by-step instructions and explain all license management options in detail.

CRYPTO-BOX Protection Kit 8.1 with Smarx API: Implementation made easy

24 October 2016

Smarx API is a new interface for developers, who want to implement CRYPTO-BOX protection and licensing to the source code of their applications.

Updated CRYPTO-BOX Compendium

21 September 2016

The Smarx Compendium contains detailed documentation of all components of the CRYPTO-BOX Protection Kit. A revised version (Compendium 2016) is available in our download area.

CRYPTO-BOX Protection Kit 8.0 with AutoCrypt Wizard

12 September 2016

An updated Professional Protection Kit (PPK) for the CRYPTO-BOX is available in our download section (MyMARX login and a valid support contract are required for downloading).

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