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CRYPTO-BOX Protection Kit 8.4 with AC API: Implementation with a Snap

17 May 2017

The Professional Protection Kit (PPK) 8.4 with the new AC API makes the CRYPTO-BOX implementation even more simple.

New Delphi Package with Support for Version 10.2 "Tokyo"

19 April 2017

An updated Delphi package for the CRYPTO-BOX® was released.

CRYPTO-BOX Protection Kit 8.3 with Improved Smarx API

8 March 2017

An updated Professional Protection Kit (PPK) for the CRYPTO-BOX® was released.

Visual Studio 2017 is coming - We are prepared!

21 February 2017

Visual Studio 2017 will be released by Microsoft on March 7, 2017. With this new release, Microsoft focused especially on performance and productivity improvements.

New White Paper for API Implementation

1 February 2017

Are you going to implement the CRYPTO-BOX® with API? Do you plan to revise your existing implementation or would like to switch to a new compiler version?

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