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Updating CRYPTO-BOX Drivers

19 November 2015

The CRYPTO-BOX is protecting your software licenses reliably 24/7.

Document Protection with Bookmark Support

11 November 2015

Document Protection is ideal for secure distribution of confidential documents through the internet or email. It can be used simultaneously to protect the software plus the documentation with the same CRYPTO-BOX.

Important Information on OS X 10.11

3 November 2015

The CRYPTO-BOX® software protection system supports all common operating systems: Windows, Linux and OS X. MARX constantly provides updates for the latest OS and compiler versions.

New SmarxCPP Package with Debug Libraries

28 October 2015

The SmarxCPP interface targeted to C++ developers allows implementation of the CRYPTO-BOX® protection and license management functions directly into the application's source code. In contrast to the standard CBIOS interface for C++ (cbios-lib), SmarxCPP is object oriented which makes the implementation easier for developers who are not yet familiar with the CRYPTO-BOX API.

Protection Kit 7.2 with Visual Studio 2015 and Delphi 10

21 October 2015

The Professional Protection Kit (PPK) for the CRYPTO-BOX® contains all necessary tools for effective software protection and license management. Protect your application in a snap with AutoCrypt, or realize your individual licensing strategy with direct implementation into the source code.

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