AutoCrypt: Automatic Software Protection with .NET Obfuscation and Higher Compatibility

5 June 2020

AutoCrypt will protect software quickly and effortlessly – without writing a single line of code and without the need to access the source code.

First you specify your source application. This can be a Windows .exe or .dll.
Then choose your licensing options like expiration date, execution counter or network licenses. A few mouse-clicks later your application will be protected and the licensing information will be written to the CRYTPO-BOX®.
Yes, it is that snap easy!

Our team is continuously improving AutoCrypt - the new 8.15 release comes with the following updates:

  • Automatic obfuscation of .NET-applications and DLLs with Obfuscar
    Remark: Protecting .NET DLLs is not yet supported by AutoCrypt (standard DLLs can be protected). Therefore we recommend to use obfuscation for both, the .dll and the .exe and protect the .exe with AutoCrypt.
  • New AC_Dotnet Tool supports protection of .NET executables using Location property.
  • Enhanced application compatibility

Have a look at the included readme file for further details on .NET protection and obfuscation options.

The AutoCrypt 8.15 package is available in our download section (MyMARX login and valid support contract are required for downloading).

The AutoCrypt package includes the command line based AutoCrypt (AC_Tool) only. If you use the GUI-based AutoCrypt (part of the PPK/SxAF), you first need to export your project and then protect it with AC_Tool. This requires only a few additional steps. Detailed instructions can be found in the "AutoCrypt" Application Notes at chapter 4.

A new Protection Kit (PPK) release including GUI-based AutoCrypt will be available soon.

Please contact us if your application cannot be protected, or if you have any questions on using AutoCrypt. Our team will help you to find the right solution: contact us or use our support ticket system.


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