CRYPTO-BOX Protection Kit 8.19: Support for Delphi 12, Updates for .NET, AutoCrypt and SxAF

26 March 2024

The Professional Protection Kit (PPK) contains all tools for automatic protection and libraries/samples for implementing your software protection strategy with the CRYPTO-BOX.

Find the updated Protection Kit 8.19 in our download section (MyMARX login and valid support contract are required for downloading).

Details on the new features (more in the changelog):

  • CBIOS libraries for RAD Studio 12 (Delphi 12) added
  • Smarx4NET and Smarx4NETCore libraries: Higher speed and better connection stability
  • AutoCrypt - Automatic protection (AutoCrypt Wizard, AutoCrypt SxAF and command line tool): Compatibility for x86 and .Net applications was improved
  • SxAF: Errors in displaying project settings and invalid settings in Demo projects were fixed

Please contact us for any questions on the Protection Kit or AutoCrypt.


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