Tools for Protection and Licensing

Professional Protection Kit

The Development Kit for the CRYPTO-BOX contains all necessary tools for automatic software protection with AUTO-CRYPT or individual implementation via API.

Tools for Protection and Licensing

Developer kit for protection and licensing

Professional Protection Kit
  • AutoCrypt software for automatic protection of Windows EXE and DLL files in minutes - without source code or programming skills.

  • Libraries and sample code for individual integration via API for developers under Windows, Linux and macOS.

  • Document Protection for automatic protection of digital documents.

  • Tools to configure the CRYPTO-BOX according to the individual protection strategy.

  • Redistributable packages for easy implementation of the required
    CRYPTO-BOX components into customer specific setup routines.

  • Remote Update System (RUMS) for updating licenses directly at the end user site (optional).

  • Free for new customers: Included in the first order of an CRYPTO-BOX Evaluation Kit or Starter Kit.

  • If you need an upgrade for your Protection Kit version, you can either buy it separately or get it included with a Support Option. Check out our Download Area for details and latest updates.

More information about Professional Protection Kit

Professional Protection Kit

Application Framework

The SmarxOS Application Framework is a complete project oriented environment for software vendors and distributors which automates software and data protection or licensing scenarios. All projects are stored in a central database. SmarxOS Application Framework is part of the Smarx OS Professional Protection Kit for Windows.

Implementation via API

The PPK for Windows and the Smarx OS 4 Linux/Smarx OS 4 Mac Kit include libraries and examples for integrating via API for all standard compilers on Windows, Linux (x86, x86_64, armv7, aarch64) and macOS (Apple M processors and Intel 64bit). The examples demonstrate how the individual API commands are addressed under the respective compilers. White Papers with an introduction to implementation with API and API command references for different development environments are available in our Documentation section.



Network Support

Besides the local use the CRYPTO-BOX can also be accessed via TCP/IP- networks. The Protection Kit provides the CRYPTO-BOX network server, which is available for Windows, Linux and macOS platforms. The network server can be used along with AutoCrypt projects or integration via API.



Command Line Tools

The SmarxOS Application Framework covers many scenarios for software and data protection. It also provides command line based tools for software security and
CRYPTO-BOX programming  - especially when an existing system for end-user management is available! This makes it possible to upgrade the license management with the
CRYPTO-BOX with little effort.  

With the "AC_Tool" you can control the AutoCrypt components via command line instructions. The project settings can easily be exported to AutoCrypt from existing projects in the SmarxOS application framework.

"SmrxProg" (analogous to "CRYPTO-BOX Format") is to configure the CRYPTO-BOX memory using command line parameters. Any number of partitions and data objects can be created, as well as programming AES-keys and network licenses.  Project settings from existing
API implementation projects can be exported from the SmarxOS Application Framework for use with SmrxProg.

 The "RU_Tool" (analogous to Remote Update Management System) is used  to update the CRYPTO-BOX at the end-user site. The project settings can easily be exported from existing projects in the SmarxOS Application Framework.


Driver Installation and Diagnostic Tools

The tool "CBUSetup" allows for quick and easy installation of the CRYPTO-BOX drivers (Windows only, for Linux and macOS there are no drivers required). It automatically detects the installed operating system (Windows 64/32 or ARM version) and installs the appropriate drivers. Command line parameters can also be integrated into CBUSetup's own installation scripts.

"MARX Analyzer" can be used for debugging if the CRYPTO-BOX is not recognized at the end-user site.


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