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RUMS - Updating the CRYPTO-BOX® at the User's site

10 December 2018

With Remote Update you can update license information in the CRYPTO-BOX at the end-user's site. This will allow you to unlock additional program options or licenses and to generate follow up revenue.

CRYPTO-BOX remote updates can be easily generated through the following tools:

a) Smarx Application Framework (SxAF)

b) Command line tool RU_Tool

c) Command line tool SxFormat

d) Remote Update API

The most convenient way to generate updates is via the graphical interface of Smarx Application Framework (contained in the CRYPTO-BOX Protection Kit). However, this is only one option: with our command line tools RU_Tool, and the SxFormat, or via Remote Update API the update process can be completely automated - a big advantage for your sales!

In the RUMS Application Notes we have summarized all update options for you, including a comparison of the respective advantages and special features. For each option there is also a detailed description included.

We also updated our Remote Update FAQ section which will answer typical inquiries you may encounter when working with our Remote Update Tools.


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