Smarx4Mac Package: Catalina Update

5 December 2019

The new Smarx®4Mac package allows developers to add strong CRYTPO-BOX® hardware based protection to their applications running under macOS.

The most common development tools, such as Xcode, Swift or Java, are supported. Our periodic updates ensure compatibility with present and future compilers and macOS versions.

The package is available in our download area. An active support level option and MyMARX login are required for the download.

Recent Updates:

  • Libraries (static and framework): compatibility update for macOS Catalina
  • New CBIOS Network Server:
    • Compatibility update for macOS Catalina
    • Error message on first start fixed
    • Readme file updated
    • The server is also available as separate download package.

Please contact us if you have any question regarding the macOS libraries and sample code or API implementation for the CRYPTO-BOX in general.


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