Update licenses in the CRYPTO-BOX quickly with Remote Update

22 April 2024

The Remote Update Management System (RUMS) enables you to update license settings in the CRYPTO-BOX® quickly and easily at your end users side.

It does not matter whether you have integrated the CRYPTO-BOX into your app via AutoCrypt or into the source code via our API. With RUMS, you can flexibly update counters, expiration dates, customer-specific data objects or keys for hardware-based encryption with AES or RSA. No direct internet connection to the target system is required: The update is processed via encrypted files which can be shared network/cloud drive, email or USB flash drive.

And all this with a manageable investment: Once activated, RUMS allows you to carry out as many updates as you like for all your CRYPTO-BOX modules at your end users.

RUMS offers several options, depending on your sales concept:

1. GUI based interface without programming efforts

Use the Smarx Application Framework to process update requests from your customers and create activation codes

2. Command line tools

Control the update process via command line parameters with the RU_Tool command line application, on the distributor and/or the end user side

3. Maximum flexibility with the Remote Update API

Integrate the update process directly into your application with the Remote Update API (RFP API) for maximum flexibility. RFP API sample code for popular development environments is included in the Smarx OS PPK.

All 3 options are described in detail in the RUMS Application Notes

Do you have any questions about Remote Update or do you need support for other environments or update scenarios? Please contact us!


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