AutoCrypt Wizard Portable Package: Software Protection With a Snap

15 October 2020

AutoCrypt protects your applications (Windows .exe or .dlls) in with a snap - without programming knowledge or source code access. Version 1.4 now comes as portable package, too.

Are you looking for a quick solution for software protection or licensing? Is the release date for your next publication already upon you?
Bypass valuable implementation time with the AutoCrypt Wizard.

AutoCrypt will protect software quickly and effortlessly – without writing a single line of code and without the need to access the source code. The Wizard will guide you through each step of protection, licensing and CRYPTO-BOX configuration for quick results.
First you specify your source application. This can be a Windows .exe or .dll. Next choose your licensing options like expiration date, execution counter or network licenses. A few mouse-clicks later your application will be protected and the licensing information will be written to the CRYTPO-BOX®.

Yes, it is that snap easy!

Our team is continuously improving the AutoCrypt Wizard. Here is an overview what is new in the 1.4 release:

  • Portable support - no installation of the entire Protection Kit is required. Just unzip the archive and start it.
  • Automatic obfuscation of .NET-applications and DLLs
    Hint: Protecting .NET DLLs is not yet supported by AutoCrypt, but standard DLLs can be protected. Therefore we recommend to use obfuscation for both, the .dll and the .exe and protect only the .exe with AutoCrypt.
  • Protection of .NET executables using Location property.
  • Project export function: Use the project you created with AutoCrypt Wizard with our command line tools AC_Tool and SmrxProg, and automate the process of application protection and CRYPTO-BOX configuration.
  • Enhanced application compatibility

Have a look at the "AutoCrypt" Application Notes for detailed usage instructions, and for further details on .NET protection and obfuscation options.


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