CRYPTO-BOX Protection Kit 8.4 with AC API: Implementation with a Snap

16 May 2017

The Professional Protection Kit (PPK) 8.4 with the new AC API makes the CRYPTO-BOX implementation even more simple.

You need just one function call to validate license data in the CRYPTO-BOX (e.g. Expiration Date or Execution Counter) - for both local and network scenarios. Then you only need to add an exit event notification (AppExitEvent) with exception argument - that's it!

AC API is a great alternative when AutoCypt is not suitable (for compatibility or flexibility reasons). It supports C++ and C# language (Visual Studio 2013 or higher) and XCode 8 under macOS. Please let us know if you are interested in AC API for further environments.

The PPK 8.4 is available in our download section (MyMARX login and valid support contract are required for downloading).

Other updates/improvements in the PPK:

  • Smarx API: Support for VB (Visual Studio 2013 and higher).
  • RAD 10.2 (Tokyo) Delphi support
  • CBIOS4NET: Network notifications added
  • RU_Tool.exe: Bugfix
  • PPK Control Center: "Implementation with API" section extended with AC API description.

We appreciate your feedback and suggestions to the revised PPK. Please contact us with the Support Ticket System or via phone support. We will be more than happy to address your customer specific requirements.


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