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AutoCrypt: Automatic Software Protection with .NET Obfuscation and Higher Compatibility

4 June 2020

AutoCrypt will protect software quickly and effortlessly – without writing a single line of code and without the need to access the source code.

.NET Core Support for the CRYPTO-BOX

17 May 2020

.NET Core is a free and open-source framework from Microsoft for cross-platform development.

CRYPTO-BOX Linux Package: Ada Sample, User-Friendly SmarxAPI Samples

18 February 2020

A new Smarx OS 4 Linux package for the CRYPTO-BOX® is available in our download area. An active support level option and MyMARX login are required for the download.

Smarx4Mac Package: Catalina Update

5 December 2019

The new Smarx®4Mac package allows developers to add strong CRYTPO-BOX® hardware based protection to their applications running under macOS.

CRYPTO-BOX Linux Package: ARM Support and quick Implementation with Smarx®API

21 November 2019

Looking for software licensing options on ARM platforms - in industry or IoT area? Or do you want to use an ARM based mini computer for local or network licensing, including hosting of network licenses for other PCs, IoT or mobile devices in the same network ? All this regardless of the operating system (Windows, Linux, macOS) and hardware platform (x86/ARM)? We have you covered and the best part is: Only one CRYPTO-BOX® per network is required!

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