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CRYPTO-BOX® Linux Package: ARM Support and quick Implementation with Smarx®API

22 November 2019

Looking for software licensing options on ARM platforms - in industry or IoT area? Or do you want to use an ARM based mini computer for local or network licensing, including hosting of network licenses for other PCs, IoT or mobile devices in the same network ? All this regardless of the operating system (Windows, Linux, macOS) and hardware platform (x86/ARM)? We have you covered and the best part is: Only one CRYPTO-BOX per network is required!

CRYPTO-BOX® macOS Network Server and Java Library Updates

5 August 2019

The new Smarx®OS4Mac package allows developers to add strong CRYTPO-BOX® hardware based protection to their applications running under macOS.

CRYPTO‑BOX® Server: Stability and Installer Update

27 June 2019

With only one CRYPTO-BOX per network you can encrypt and protect your application and determine how often your protected application is permitted to run in the entire network.

Protection Kit 'Summer 2019': Software Protection with a Snap

5 June 2019

Looking for a quick solution for protecting your application and the release date is already upon you? Bypass spending your valuable time implementing a customized solution. How?

The CRYPTO‑BOX® and Virtual Environments? That's easy!

15 May 2019

The CRYPTO-BOX provides a strong hardware based software licensing. Particularly in virtualized environments your end-users are often faced with the issue that there is no direct access to the USB port of the target system.

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