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Software Licensing with Mobile Devices and in Virtual Environments

4 February 2021

The CRYPTO-BOX® provides strong hardware based software licensing surpassing pure software based solutions. However, with some mobile devices, e.g. tablets or in virtual machines, some feasibility issues with the hardware of the CRYPTO-BOX® can arise.

CRYPTO‑BOX Protection Kit 8.9: The New AutoCrypt and Updated Libraries for the API Implementation

22 December 2020

The Professional Protection Kit (PPK) is the universal toolkit for your protection strategy with the CRYPTO-BOX®.

CRYPTO-BOX: New Firmware

22 October 2020

Starting in November 2020, all CRYPTO-BOX units will be shipped with new firmware.

AutoCrypt Wizard Portable Package: Software Protection With a Snap

15 October 2020

AutoCrypt protects your applications (Windows .exe or .dlls) in with a snap - without programming knowledge or source code access. Version 1.4 now comes as portable package, too.

Protect Python Code with the CRYPTO-BOX

9 September 2020

Realize software protection and license management for your Python applications, or protect your Python code in a few steps.

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