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USB Dongle with Smart Card Technology


  • The integrated secure microcontroller with smartcard technology achieves the highest security level according to Common Criteria EAL4+ Certification.

  • The 2048-Bit-RSA algorithm is completely hardware integrated - for secure authentication, updates and software protection.

  • One of the fastest USB dongles in the market: the access to the internal protected memory is 20 - 40 times faster than with the CRYPTO-BOX Versa/XS!

  • Supports the Smarx Application Framework, the all-in-one solution which protects software, data and provides flexible end user management, including remote updates.

  • Compatible with CRYPTO-BOX XS and Versa. Existing applications which were protected with an older version of the CBIOS library may require a re-compilation with the latest CBIOS library (included in the Smarx OS Protection Kit).

  • Automatic protection of Windows .EXE or .DLL files or implementation with API into the source code. Libraries and samples for all common compilers such as .NET, Delphi, Java, and Qt are included.

  • Individual network license counter configuration possible for every CRYPTO-BOX SC - via License Control System (LCS).

  • Short metal case with many options for customization: color, stickers, logos, engraving, and more.

  • Also available as ExpressCard.

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More information about CRYPTO-BOX® SC

Logos and Certificates

Windows certifiedMac certifiedLinux certifiedMicrosoft certifiedISO 9001:2015 certified
CE signUSB certifiedFC SignRoHSPlease recycle


Technical Comparison Table CRYPTO-BOX SC and Versa/XS





Controller chip RISC Smartcard processor with USB interface
Controller chip certification EAL4+, WHQL (Microsoft)
Firmware proprietary MARX
Supported operating systems Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS*, Android*
(*network mode)
AES/Rijndael On-Chip
Maximal AES Key Slots 8 (more on request) 3 3
(6 keys - in hardware)

(1 key - driver level)
Network support
(floating license)

(floating license)

(without license management)
Unique serial number  -
(same serial number for each unit per order)
Memory size (total) 72 kByte, ca. 30 kByte free 4, 32, 64 kByte 4 kByte
Internal memory read/write performance ca. 80 kByte/second ca. 12 kByte/second
User-/administrator password up to 16 kByte in length
Case & LED designer metal case, zinc cast,
LED showing the operating state, eye for key ring;
custom case possible 
Connector USB Type A / USB-C Type
Memory programming typically up to 1 million cycles: 100,000 guaranteed
Data life cycle  minimum 10 years
Conformity and certifications CE, FCC, RoHS, USB

14 x7 x 32,5 mm / 0.55" x 0.28" x 1.28" (USB Type A)

11 x 4 x 22,5 mm / 0.43" x 0.16" x 0.89" (USB-C Type)


7,5g / 0.24oz (USB Type A)

3g / 0.11oz (USB-C Type)

Temperature range -10°C to + 70°C / 14°F to 158°F
Humidity range 0% up to 95% relative humidity


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