Project Information

Product Name: This name will be used in the title bar of the license dialog and various other places where the name of your product is required.

Product Language: Currently available in English and German.

Auto-Detect Version: Enter the version number of your application or choose Auto-Detect Version to read from the version resource of the executable. The version number is used to check for new version availability, can optionally be displayed on the splash screen and is logged in the activation history. If the auto-detect fails, the version will be defined as "".

Customize Product Logo: Choose a bitmap file 194x423 pixels in size to be displayed on the left side of all license dialog boxes in the protected application.

Display a splash screen at startup: The splash screen lets the user know that your application is starting up.

I am using Dedicated SOLO Server: If you are using an instance of SOLO Server other than, you may enter it here.

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