Wrapper Options

Protection with a snap

The wrapper will automatically apply the licensing and protection to your application. Simply choose the File to process, and set the Output folder for the newly wrapped application. The wrapped file will have the same file name as the original file.

If the Output folder is the same as the source folder, then it will rename the unwrapped/unprocessed file by adding a .bak extension.

Prevent itself from running on virtual machines: This option can help prevent users from bypassing copy protection on additional computers by copying virtual machine guests to additional host computers. When a virtual machine environment is detected on startup, an error will be displayed and the application will exit.

Prevent itself from running in Terminal Services: This option can help prevent users from bypassing copy protection on additional computers by using Terminal Services. This will detect if your application is running within Terminal Services, and if so an error will be displayed on startup and the application will exit.

Include debug features: This will include a debugging dialog for internal testing and development purposes. The dialog will be displayed at application startup (before the licensing dialog) and allows you to view the license Status, Last Error and number of Days Left (which you can decrement). You'll also be able to reset the licensing on the current machine by removing the local license files, which allows you to quickly retest the licensing as if you had just run the software for the first time.


The "Remove license files" option within the Include debug features will also remove the license file permissions if you are using the "One activation for all users on a machine" (installer changes required) option. For testing purposes, you will need to right-click your application and choose "Run as administrator" to set the permissions again.

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