Trial Options

Start Application as a Trial

Enabling this option will cause your software to automatically start as a new trial when installed on a new machine. It will also start a new trial for each new user if you are using the "each user on a machine needs to activate seperately" option. This trial is managed locally and does not validate with SOLO Server.

Limit application days to run to

Set the number of days the trial is allowed to run.

Limit application times to run to __ times

Set the number of times the user can run the trial.

Important: The trial/evaluation will expire once the number of days has been reached OR if the number of runs have been reached.

Hide trial dialog for ___ days

When the trial dialog is hidden, it will launch directly into your software. Once it is no longer in the hidden period, or once the trial expires, it will present the dialog, which will have the Purchase and Activate options.

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