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CRYPTO‑BOX Protection Kit 8.17: AutoCrypt with .Net Core Support

10 September 2023

The Professional Protection Kit (PPK) is the universal toolkit for your protection strategy with the CRYPTO-BOX.

AutoCrypt Wizard: Protection for .NET Core Applications

10 July 2023

AutoCrypt protects software quickly and effortlessly – without writing a single line of code, or any access to source code.

Protect Your AI and Robotics Projects with the CRYPTO-BOX

13 June 2023

With Jetson the manufacturer NVIDIA provides a powerful platform for machine learning, AI and robotics tasks.

Your individual Protection Solution based on the CRYPTO-BOX

23 May 2023

Since 1983 the MARX motto "Individuality over Run-off-the-Mill" stands for sophisticated security solutions.

Software Protection with the CRYPTO-BOX under macOS

2 May 2023

Protect your application with the CRYPTO-BOX® under macOS, including latest generation Macs with Apple M processors.

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