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Hints for Safe Implementation - How to protect the UPW

8 September 2022

The API integration offers you the best compatibility and flexibility. For example, you can keep your software running in demo or limited full-product mode if the CRYPTO-BOX®® is not present.

Windows ARM support for the CRYPTO-BOX

14 February 2022

Just use your existing Windows applications which are protected with the CRYPTO-BOX® on Windows ARM - no efforts for adjustments/recompilation are required.

CRYPTO‑BOX Protection Kit 8.12: Visual Studio 2022

19 December 2021

The Professional Protection Kit (PPK) is the universal toolkit for your protection strategy with the CRYPTO-BOX®.

Log4j Security Flaw - MARX® solutions are not affected

16 December 2021

The Log4j vulnerability reported late last week, is a serious security flaw which allows attackers to execute code remotely on a target computer.

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