Protection for local computers or networks


USB dongle for software protection and license control for client and extended network solutions. Remote programmable with Remote Update Management System (RUMS). Available in different colors and customer-specific product labeling.

Protection for local computers or networks

Software protection for local computers or networks

  • Network support with one CRYPTO-BOX per network. Individual network license counter configuration for every
    CRYPTO-BOX USB via License Control System (LCS).

  • Supports the SmarxOS Application Framework, the all-in-one security solution which protects software, data and provides flexible end user management, including remote updates.

  • Remote programmable with Remote Update Management System (RUMS), incl. network license counter reprogramming.

  • The AES/Rijndael algorithm is implemented in the hardware of the USB dongle. RSA support on the driver level for digital signatures and access control systems.

  • Each CRYPTO-BOX XS comes with an individual serial number.

  • Supports Windows, macOS and Linux. No drivers needed for Linux and macOS.

  • Automatic protection of Windows .EXE or .DLL files or implementation with API into the source code. Libraries and samples for all common compilers such as .NET, C++, Delphi, Java, Qt are included.

  • 4 to 64 kBytes secure memory for licensing information.

  • The extremely short and robust metal case shields electronic circuitry perfectly. Standard case color: shiny silver

  • Also available with USB-C plug and in different colors and customized product labeling.

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Comparison Table of the CRYPTO-BOX® Variants




Controller chipRISC-smartcard processor with USB interface
Controller chip certificationEAL4+, WHQL (Microsoft)
Firmwareproprietary MARX
Supported operating systemsWindows, Linux, macOS, iOS*, Android*
(*network mode)
AES/Rijndael On-Chip
Maximal AES Key Slots8 (more on request)33
(6 keys - in hardware)

(1 key - driver level)
Network support
(floating license)

(floating license)

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