The short answer to software security needs


USB dongle for software protection and securing applications. The AES/Rijndael encryption algorithm is completely implemented in the hardware. Modern, ultra-short and robust metal case with perfect shielding features.

The short answer to software security needs

The short answer to software security needs

  • First dongle on the market with AES/Rijndael algorithm integrated in the chip - the encryption key never leaves the hardware.

  • The extremely short and robust metal case shields electronic circuitry perfectly.

  • Supports the SmarxOS Application Framework, the all-in-one security solution which protects software, data and provides flexible end user management, including remote updates.

  • Remote programmable with the Remote Update Management System (RUMS).

  • Supports operating systems Windows, macOS, Linux. No drivers needed for Linux and macOS.

  • Automatic protection for Windows .EXE or .DLL files, or implementation into the source code with API. Libraries and samples for all common compilers such as .NET, C++, Delphi, Java, and Qt are included.

  • 4kB memory for licensing information.

  • Standard case color: shiny silver. Also available with USB-C plug and in different colors and customized product labeling.

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Comparison Table of the CRYPTO-BOX® Variants




Controller chipRISC-smartcard processor with USB interface
Controller chip certificationEAL4+, WHQL (Microsoft)
Firmwareproprietary MARX
Supported operating systemsWindows, Linux, macOS, iOS*, Android*
(*network mode)
AES/Rijndael On-Chip
Maximal AES Key Slots8 (more on request)33
(6 keys - in hardware)

(1 key - driver)
Network support
(floating license)

(floating license)

(without license management)
Unique serial number 

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