It's a Classic!

CRYPTO-BOX® Parallel

The dongle for the parallel port and 32 Bit environment. Supports stand-alone and network solutions with only one CRYPTO-BOX per network.

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It's a Classic!

Dongle for the parallel port

CRYPTO-BOX® Parallel
  • Support for single PCs and networks with only one CRYPTO-BOX Parallel per network.

  • Individual network license counter configuration possible - via License Control System (LCS®).

  • Remote programmable with Remote Update Management System (RUMS), incl. network license counter reprogramming.

  • Compatible with MARX Programming Interface (MPI).

  • Customization according to clients specifications possible.

  • Eight 5-byte ID codes, five of which are user programmable.

  • 50 bytes of secure memory in RAM1, password protected.

  • 433 bytes of secure memory in RAM2, protected with programmable password.

  • Predecessor of the CRYPTO-BOX USB series with Smarx API.

  • Fully compatible with discontinued CRYPTO-BOX Parallel Versa (CBV).

  • Reliable 32Bit software protection under Windows, DOS and OS/2.

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