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Predecessor of Smarx OS

  • Predecessor of Smarx OS.

  • MPI Development discontinued in 2006.

  • Developed for 32 Bit operating systems.

  • Network support.

  • Supports CRYPTO-BOX XS and Versa USB, Parallel and Serial units.

  • More information below.

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More information about MPI - MARX Programming Interface

The MPI (MARX Programming Interface) was developed as a "bridge" between the then-new CRYPTO-BOX for USB ports, and parallel / serial port models. The purpose, back in 2000, was to provide a universal layer for various hardware platforms. Five years later, "the world was USB", and legacy ports became obsolete. However, we still support them, because some customers continue to require them.

The Smarx OS System fully exploits the possibilities of what USB and modern security chips can offer. A plethora of features and add-ons is available, and is constantly under development.

.NET support, 32/64 bit, Linux, macOS, license management and remote field programming. Document- and Media Protection have been added, as well as sophisticated digital rights management gadgets and encryption capabilities.

Compatiblity to Smarx OS and Conversion

A MPI formatted CRYPTO-BOX is not compatible to Smarx OS. With MPI to Smarx OS we provide a toolkit for easy conversion of MPI formatted units - directly at the end-user's site.


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